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Vision Coach International is dedicated to helping individuals find their passion and purpose in life as well as assisting businesses and organizations to create a more compassionate work environment that promotes learning and growth.

Creating Passionate Lives and Powerful Vision

  • Do you often wish there were more to life than just work, work, work?
  • Do you struggle with making it through the day?
  • Do you wish your job reflected the things you believe in?

At Vision Coach International, we offer individual coaching to help you understand your own personal strengths and values so that you can create a life for yourself, a life of passion that will take you to new heights of satisfaction.

  • Take back control of your life and reduce stress
  • Define and overcome what is standing in the way of your career goals
  • Develop reasonable and attainable goals for your future
  • Get the job you really love

Do you want to create a passionate life for yourself? Danielle Silverman is a Montréal career coach with a unique program aimed at helping individuals find job happiness. We also help individuals learn to overcome burnout and depression, to lead full passionate lives!

Creating Compassionate Workplaces

What does your corporate culture say about your organization, business or department? Do you want to reduce employee absenteeism while improving productivity and staff morale? Vision Coach International offers customized programs, such as stress management and how to prevent psychological harassment at work to help you in developing a professional and dedicated workforce.

Vision Coach International also helps Montréal businesses and organizations in areas of team building, corporate values clarification, corporate mission statements, and developing emotional intelligence in teams and leaders.

Known for her warmth and her motivational speaking style, Danielle Silverman also offers keynotes and workshops in Montréal on a wide variety of topics - from how to attract and retain employees to aligning your corporate values with your employees' values.

About Vision Coach International & Danielle Silverman

Based in Montréal, Quebec, Vision Coach International was founded by Danielle Silverman. Danielle is a career coach with a twist; experienced business person, enthusiastic public speaker, highly educated with an MBA and an MA in change leadership, fluently bilingual.... and dedicated to helping bring out the passion in your life and work.

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