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Preventing Psychological Harassment at Work

What is your corporate culture?
Is your work environment free of psychological harassment?
How do you know?
What would it take to make an employee feel harassed?

A healthy work environment begins with healthy corporate values handed down from the very top of the organization.

Did you know that prevention is the best means of combating psychological harassment? Vision Coach International can help you:

  • Create and communicate corporate values that will promote employee wellness.
  • Develop and implement a policy and put in place unbiased complaint procedures.

Help reverse the trend and make your workplace a healthy environment.

  • Learn what constitutes psychological harassment
  • Develop sound management practices to support harassment prevention
  • Promote appropriate behaviors
  • Put in place confidential procedures for handling cases
  • Reduce your turnover and rate of employee burnout

For information on what constitutes psychological harassment, check out the Web site of the Commission des Normes du Travail du Québec. This regulatory government organization has received more than 2000 complaints since the law was put into effect in June 2004. Is your company at risk?

Montréal Stress Management Programs

Montréal's Vision Coach International offers customized stress management programs and training to assist you and your employees break down the often taboo subject of job-related stress and employee burnout. Did you know that one in five Canadians will experience mental illness at some point in their lives?[1] Mental illness leads to lost productivity and health-care expenditures, costing the Canadian economy at least $14.4 billion per year.[2]

Our employee stress management programs are designed to:

  • Build awareness of job-related stress and burnout in the workplace
  • Create an environment of support
  • Help employees reduce and manage stress and burnout
  • Provide training to prevent illness, burnout, and depression
  • Actively promote mental and emotional wellness

We use workshops, individual and team coaching to communicate with employees in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Executives and managers learn the language of change management and leadership effectiveness.

Why Stress, Burnout, and Psychological Harassment are Everyone's Concern

As a manager, executive, or owner, how you set the stage in the workplace matters to an employee's physical and mental health. You can be proactive in preventing burnout and creating an environment where stress management training and prevention of psychological harassment is part of your corporate culture.

Companies that make their employees' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness a priority enjoy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased morale & employee satisfaction
  • Increased communication & teamwork
  • Reduced absenteeism rates
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Reduced health claims

Employee Burnout & Job-Related Stress

Employee burnout - what is it? The dictionary says that burnout is "physical or emotional exhaustion, especially caused by stress" These days, who isn't stressed? In the workplace, employees are expected to work hard and help increase the bottom line. After all, a company is nothing without its employees.

Can you spot the signs of burnout? Do you even know if your employees are feeling over-worked and under-appreciated? Have people stopped smiling at your company?  Do you know if this stress is caused by the demands of the job?  Or is it because there is an element of psychological harassment present in your workplace.  We don't like to admit that this might be the case, but in today’s world, this bears looking into to. 

Vision Coach International provides effective, efficient programs and workshops for employees and management. Located in Montréal, we offer our stress training programs across Quebec. We invite you to contact Vision Coach International today and let us create a customized stress management program for your corporation, business, or organization that will improve your workplace environment.

Montréal Executive Coaching

Every day, executives, directors, and managers, make difficult decisions that influence the lives of many people and the organizations they work for. The stress that executives encounter is compounded by the need to process more information at a faster pace than ever before, and by the fact that they are usually alone in making decisions. Today's executives carry a heavy burden. As a consequence, more and more executives experience job "burnout." And even when they are able to juggle their many responsibilities (without getting to burnout), executives invariably need support in order to remain fresh and get the job done creatively and objectively.

Executive coaching is a tool, designed to help the executive perform better; to help executives manage with more clarity, lead with more alacrity, make decisions, manage conflict, handle interpersonal relationships with more ease, and in the process, learn more about herself/himself.

At Vision Coach International, we offer one-on-one executive coaching services within the manager's own environment, here in Montréal and across Quebec. Our executive coaching philosophy is one of appreciation and a belief that the client holds the answers to his current dilemmas. Our job as an executive coach is to partner with the executive to help bring out intended outcomes. 

Has one of your managers been accused of psychological harassment? Do you know how to handle the harassment or bullying in the workplace? Vision Coach International can help you minimize your feeling of vulnerability. Coaching can help the whole team get through this.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improved performance
  • Increased openness
  • Mutual respect
  • Fresh perspectives
  • Enhanced thinking and decision-making skills
  • Greater personal satisfaction
  • Decreased risk of workplace psychological harassment

To find out if executive coaching is right for you, contact Vision Coach International at


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